eabanas said: I loved seeing your apartment refresh and it gave me so many great ideas! Where did your grey rug come from? It looks perfect!

Yay :) Glad you loved it!

I bought the grey rug on Rue La La. This one is kind of similar!

carolinacurlsandpearls said: Hi Carly! I am planning on buying L.L. Bean Boots for this fall and winter, but I'm still unsure if I should get the 6 inch or 8 inch. Which would you recommend?

6” is a great first pair!

maryalisecarol said: Hi! Do you have any suggestions for a carry-on-sized weekend bag? I'm trying to visit my bf, and I feel like every bag I come across is too big or not pretty at all. Thanks!

LOVE this one!

curlycarolina said: What type of puppy do you have? I'm absolutely in love!

Teddy is a toy poodle!

lilrussian97 said: Hi Carly! I absolutely love your blog and Teddy is so adorable! I was wondering, where can I buy a nice, inexpensive peacoat for fall in New York? I'm not a huge fan of winter jackets I'm looking for something less bulky. Thanks!

This one is really cute, I love the collar!

⚓️⚓️⚓️ (at Bellport Village)

⚓️⚓️⚓️ (at Bellport Village)

jesuis-kate said: Hey Carly! I'm in search of a brown ankle boot for this fall and winter and I just can't seem to find what I want. I live in nyc so it has to be comfortable without being too expensive (broke college student here) and that's been my main problem. Are there any you recommend?

These are toping my want list right now. Gap has a cute option and some of my friends have the Old Navy version!

the good life. 💛 (at Bellport Village)

the good life. 💛 (at Bellport Village)

legalpreppy said: I really loved the Huxter popover shirts and wish I has gotten one for my boyfriend but now they're all sold out! Any idea where I can get something similar? Thank you!!

J. Crew has men’s popovers, but I think most of the summery ones are off the shelves. Here’s a cute short sleeve option and a fall-y long sleeve option.

Jack Robie has super similar shirts (same fabric actually) as the Huxter ones, but they’re short sleeved and not a popover.

aclassyandsassygirl said: Hi Carly! I'm looking for a pair of shoes for fall that I can wear everyday (meaning they go with everything). They have to be reasonably priced, any suggestions? Thanks

I would do either these booties or a loafer like these.