rebekahrichardson said: I recently got a new (my first) pair of Jack Rogers. I love them! They're really slippery though. Does this get better with time?

Yes! The first thing I do when I get mine is to put them on and scrape the bottoms against the street to scuff them up. In Florida, my parents’ house has a brick walkway up to the porch and the bricks are perfect for scuffing up the shoes ;-)

PS You can enter to win a pair of monogrammed Jack Rogers this week on my blog!

ryles13 said: I was wondering what color of hunter rain boots would go well with a yellow north face rain jacket?

Cute! I would do navy!

amberrandrews said: Hi Carly! I followed your advice about buying the fluted skirt from J. Crew in navy! I was just wondering if you had some more style ideas of how to wear it! I'm having some struggle making it work with my wardrobe. Thank you!

Here some ways I’ve worn it:

With a striped shirt, with a gingham button up, with a chambray shirt.

this. is. the. life. 🙌

this. is. the. life. 🙌

adrienneimwunderland said: Hi Carly! Love your blog! So I was wondering if you had any general tips about starting off your first year of college right? I'm starting in August and I've gotta say I am a bit nervous! Thanks! :)

I wrote a book about the 50 things I wish I had known before starting school. (I did write it a while ago and I’m sure parts are a bit out of date though… but I think it’s still helpful!)

poloprincess said: Bonjour! How do your J. Crew Factory 'pleated stripe shorts' fit compared to their basic twill broken-in chinos? Did you just buy the same size you normally do? Thank you!

I think the shorts run a bit bigger than usual!

theoceanwavedback said: Hi, I was wondering, as a girl in the summertime, if you have any tips for organizing baseball caps and other hats? Mine always seem to be all over the place! Thanks!

I’m the same way, I actually struggle with all kinds of organization in general because I’m limited on space in the city! I stack mine up, one on top of each other so they don’t take up too much space. I have a bin that sits on the floor of my closet where I store all of my accessories (belts, scarves, clutches, hats) and pop the stack in there!

If you want to display them, try one of these cute hooks!

isfromnj said: Hey Carly! Which do you prefer, DC or NYC?

NYC :) 

"I can have fun in a blazer!" New outfit post on today!  #liketkit @liketkit

"I can have fun in a blazer!" New outfit post on today! #liketkit @liketkit