Central Park is a magical place. ✨ (at Central Park)

Central Park is a magical place. ✨ (at Central Park)

piecesofme17 said: I am a rising college freshman-what are some essential dorm and or tech items that you recommend??

– Headphones (these are pretty, but noise canceling wouldn’t be a bad idea).

– Extension cord/surge protector strip thing. THE best thing you can put in your dorm… and get another one to bring to the library. (Outlets were always hard to get at Georgetown!)

– Under the bed bins, I used the stackable kind with drawers (much easier to access than ones you have to slide all the way out)

– Bed risers (to accommodate the bins!)

– Closet door shoe organizer (I stored flats and small accessories in the slots)

– Slim hangers (= more space for clothes!)

– Small fan

– A little toolkit + first aid kit

– Jewelry storage things (love Urban Outfitters’ and Anthro’s selections)

– Desk Lamp

– Extra sheet sets

– Batteries!!!!!!!!!! <——- ALL THE BATTERIES

– Flashlight (so lame, but we had snowstorms and lost power)

– Personal coffee maker (I had a Keurig senior year and it was perfect)

– 3M Strips and hooks

rhythmofaditi said: Hi Carly! I'm buying a Lilly agenda online for a friend's birthday and I was wondering if you have any preference/advice in terms of size -- jumbo or large? Thanks!!

I would do the large!

champagne-and-coffee said: Hi Carly! I'm moving in with my boyfriend this august and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how we can decorate the bedroom and bathroom. Ideally, i'd love an ultra girly room, but I know he wouldn't be too excited about it haha.

I love these rooms I’ve pinned on Pinterest (very gender neutral, but still pretty!)

One // Two // Three

christielynn88 said: Hey Carly! Going along with the blog theme today of internships and jobs, do you have any recommendations for staple pieces for a business casual work wardrobe? Thanks

I recommend basic suiting pieces that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe to create the perfect business casual looks.


Business dress

– Nude and/or black pumps (these are my personal favorites, but this pair is on sale right now!)

An a-line skirt

A colored cardigan

Minnie pants (these are the best pants ever.)

Button ups (my favorite ones are super cheap right now!)

PS Tips for being the best intern!

bowsboysandbuoys said: Hi Carly! I've noticed that you have naturally curly/wavy hair, as do I. Are there any tips you will give me about how to tame it in the summer? Thanks so much!

Braids, braids, and more braids. (I love a classic French braid, but I’ve also been doing some more fun braids like this and this.)

If you’re looking for products, I’m a huge fan of the John Frieda Frizz-Ease. (The Dream Curls creme is awesome.)

For a cute beachy look, the Bumble and Buble Tonic Lotion is so, so good. Literally smells like a trip to the spa and perfectly tames crazy hair!

☀️☀️ hello sunshine indeed! ☀️☀️ find out what&#8217;s inside with #liketkit www.liketk.it/6PyY @liketkit

☀️☀️ hello sunshine indeed! ☀️☀️ find out what’s inside with #liketkit www.liketk.it/6PyY @liketkit

Went to the movies with @garrettmccarthy on the Upper West Side and took the scenic route home! (So many fireflies! I&#8217;m obsessed!!!!)  (at Central Park, New York)

Went to the movies with @garrettmccarthy on the Upper West Side and took the scenic route home! (So many fireflies! I’m obsessed!!!!) (at Central Park, New York)