jean-louisefinch said: Hi Carly! I'll be going back to college in about a month and I figured it's about time to look for a new backpack (I've had mine since junior year of high school!). I want something that will hold my laptop and be functional but also cute, and (of course) preppy! I'm hoping to spend under $100. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! :)

I like this backpack a lot (in pink!!!).

rosesandsapphires said: Living in New York, there is no escaping the winter and snow. I keep thinking about school in the winter and walking across campus. What can I wear to keep me warm and that's also cute? If you could even provide pictures, that'd be great. If not, I appreciate any answer anyway!

If it was really cold, I always went for a puffer jacket and then every other time, I would wear a peacoat. Riding boots if the ground was dry and Hunter boots with liners when it was snowy!

Why, yes. Consider me green with envy.

Why, yes. Consider me green with envy.

she-keepsitsimple said: Hey Carly! So I need a "grown up" person purse, but I don't have a lot of money to spend (my budget would be around $50). My preferred aesthetic would be something like the Céline leather luggage tote bag. Thanks!!

Nordstrom Juniors department has some great options that you might like! 

This bag and this bag are both really cute!

lindsaybrohan8 said: Hi Carly, I absolutely adore your blog! I recently got my first pair of Hunter Boots in Jade, my favorite color. I love them so much but I've had some trouble figuring out what to wear with them especially since the color is so bold. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Cute! Because the boots do speak for themselves, I would do something casual and simple… Like jeans and a white button down!

reecavi said: I see that you always have your hair straight or in curls, is your hair naturally straight? If not, do you straighten it daily or..?

It’s pretty curly! Well, frizzy and curly! I only wash/style my hair every other day though. Here’s a baby picture of the curls ;)

leeaningtowerofthoughts said: Hey Carly! I just recently bought a white Iphone 5s. I have been looking around for nautical or beachy (especially Kate Spade) cases and I have found sooo many but I still have not found the perfect one! Do you have any suggestions or any favorite cases? Thank you!

How cute is this one?

PS You could also go for one of the Minnie and Emma cases I collaborated on with them ;-)

piggywizard said: This summer I've been going through treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. I've always wanted to start a blog and lately I've felt really passionate about starting a blog about survivorship and fashion/beauty through chemo. The thing stopping me though is thinking of a name that is catchy but also can be relevant for a long time. How did you decide on a name for your blog? Any tips?

I think the biggest thing to think about is a name that will be long-lasting. College Prepster is an example of a bad name (whoops!) because I eventually graduated.

Think about what direction you want to take your blog when you’re (!!!!!!!! insert party horn emoji !!!!!!!!!) done with treatment and then it might make finding a name a bit easier!

alookintomyfuture said: what is your opinion on wearing a lilly pulitzer dress for a more casual homecoming dance?

I think you can definitely do it! This one would is super pretty!

I made my own éclair— with sprinkles of course! (Only needed @johnnyiuzzini for a tiny bit of help…) @lemeridienhotels #lmeclairs  (at Little Owl - The Venue)

I made my own éclair— with sprinkles of course! (Only needed @johnnyiuzzini for a tiny bit of help…) @lemeridienhotels #lmeclairs (at Little Owl - The Venue)